Dry Needling Testimonials 



“It is hard to express my gratitude to Jaime for healing my body after a serious horseback riding accident. Doctors told me that I would not have any more recovery. Dry needling along with exercises got me on the road to a full recovery. He also helped my husband who was skeptical to completely and rapidly get over tendonitis. I could go on forever!” 

- B. J.

“I have received many treatments for ongoing shoulder, neck and carpal tunnel issues. Dry Needling has been the optimum treatment for me. Jaime is a fabulous caregiver.”

- P. S.


"I've had awful shoulder pain for as long as I can remember. I tried multiple physical therapy locations, and
my pain improved only mildly. After a couple of needling sessions with Brian, I have no pain."

-Leah S.

"After running a couple half marathons and one full marathon, this fall I experienced my first running injury, IT Band Syndrome. A few months later, I could barely walk down a flight of stairs. A fellow gym goer saw me struggling on the treadmill and referred me to APC in Raleigh. I had tried resting, icing, foam rolling, and chiropractic care with very little success. It wasn't until I tried dry needling until I had hope of being able to run again. After a few sessions [with Lauren], I was able to gradually start running, and now I am back to training!"

 -Melissa H.


“Before seeing Jaime my hips were so tight that it hurt to walk and was causing low back pain. In 3 sessions I am more mobile with better ROM that I’ve ever had.”

- R. S.


"[Brian has] made a believer out of me. I ran 7 miles today and it is the first time since the end of last year I've gone any distance close to that long virtually pain free. Thank you for the suggestion."

-Amanda G.


"Early in December, I woke one morning to an awful pain in my neck...As the day progressed, so did my pain as it also radiated down my left shoulder blade and would continue down my arm...After a couple of [chiropractor] visits, a couple of x rays, a couple of MRI's, trips to Orthopedic Surgeon, several trips to a pain clinic, injections and PT, a friend told me about "dry needling".  Well, let me tell you!  I don't like needles!!  But getting no relief from anything, I called her again and asked for Jaime's information and sent him and email...After a couple of emails, I broke and made an appointment!!  BEST DECISION I have ever made!  My appointment was at 10:30 in the morning....yes I had pain (not gonna lie), but that evening around 8:00 pm....was the first time in around 8 months that I had any relief at all!  I had PT the next day, and my therapist just knew I would cancel my appointment due to being sore!!  She was shocked when I made my appointment with only little pain, versus the pain I had been in on Monday...I was released from PT!! Yay!!  But I was released to continue to see Jaime!!  Yes, I am still having pain, but nothing like I have had for the past 9 months!!  I know this is no miracle, but pretty dang close!!  I have told everyone that has asked me if I would do it again....my answer....Heck Yeah!! If it makes me feel normal and am able to return to almost normal activity....I will have dry needling done for the rest of my life!!

Thank you Jaime!!"

-Kim U.

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