Dry Needling Testimonials 



“It is hard to express my gratitude to Jaime for healing my body after a serious horseback riding accident. Doctors told me that I would not have any more recovery. Dry needling along with exercises got me on the road to a full recovery. He also helped my husband who was skeptical to completely and rapidly get over tendonitis. I could go on forever!” 

- B. J.

“I have received many treatments for ongoing shoulder, neck and carpal tunnel issues. Dry Needling has been the optimum treatment for me. Jaime is a fabulous caregiver.”

- P. S.


"I've had awful shoulder pain for as long as I can remember. I tried multiple physical therapy locations, and
my pain improved only mildly. After a couple of needling sessions with Brian, I have no pain."

-Leah S.

"After running a couple half marathons and one full marathon, this fall I experienced my first running injury, IT Band Syndrome. A few months later, I could barely walk down a flight of stairs. A fellow gym goer saw me struggling on the treadmill and referred me to APC in Raleigh. I had tried resting, icing, foam rolling, and chiropractic care with very little success. It wasn't until I tried dry needling until I had hope of being able to run again. After a few sessions [with Lauren], I was able to gradually start running, and now I am back to training!"

 -Melissa H.


“Before seeing Jaime my hips were so tight that it hurt to walk and was causing low back pain. In 3 sessions I am more mobile with better ROM that I’ve ever had.”

- R. S.


"[Brian has] made a believer out of me. I ran 7 miles today and it is the first time since the end of last year I've gone any distance close to that long virtually pain free. Thank you for the suggestion."

-Amanda G.


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